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We offer Espressions in Sandtray (EIS) in addition to one on one talk therapy. EIS is a creative form of therapy using the imagination. We place miniatures of people, animals, landscape and symbolic objects in the sand tray to create a narrative or story. This is accomplished within the “free and protected space” of the therapeutic relationship and the sand tray. A series of images  portrayed in the sand tray with miniatures creates an ongoing bridge and conversation between the conscious and unconscious aspects of the client’s inner self. This activates a healing process, and the growth and development of the person’s mental, emotional and social well-being. After a series of sessions, individuals have the opportunity to work through traumas and significant problems, after which they report they feel as if a sword has been retrieved from their heart.
We may utilize evidenced based Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) with or without EIS therapy. All of these methods work and have their place depending on the particular circumstances, issues or timing for the individual. CBT can facilitate exploring defenses and emotional states through looking at thinking errors and biases, regrouping the brains perception into a different reality concept. Diversely, deep exploration of the unconscious and primitive emotional states is primary for true lasting change and healing. In other words, in order to remove the sword from our heart we need to go deep into the pain, uncover, sort and change the defenses which are not serving in the present here and now. While DBT offers other supportive skills such as mindfulness and containment; utilizing these approaches and other tools gives us an integrative approach and with all of this we hope to assist you in discovering wholeness and harmony with self, significant others and environment.

Some of the areas that we can provide help and support for are:
Communication Difficulties | ADD/ADHD | Autism | Attachment problems | Childhood trauma and PTSD

Middle Childhood (ages 6-12)
Oppositional defiance
Teens (ages 13-17)
Family conflict | Identity development | Defiance | Anger Management
Life Transitions | Anxiety | Depression | Families | Parent consultation
Child & Adolescent : Gilliam Autism Rating Scale & Behavioral & Emotional Screening Assessment

Individual Therapy session (50 min) $90.

Group Sessions: $20.

Women’s ASD Group-NeuroSisters-Saturdays at 12:00

Women’s Weight Loss Group: Mondays at 5:30

The groups purpose is to empower and support women to find success with weight loss and maintain a healthy weight without food as a substance for coping with stress or depression. This will not be a class for emphasis on meal plans but more emphasis on finding ways to reduce the urge to use food as a substance to abuse. Therapy sheds light on behavioral and thinking errors which prevent us from meeting our goals and promotes positive change and insight. Come support each other in our successes and work through our failures. We can do it! The Intermittent Fasting Diet will be introduced.

Scarlet Graham, MA, CMHC
No cost for initial  consultation 
I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your therapy goals.