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Posted Dec 2015: Sensory Nerve Research Study for Adults with Autism

Very little is known about the sensory nerves of individuals with autism. While it is known that they have problems with touch on many parts of the body and in the mouth, sensory nerve function has not been fully evaluated. In this study, we seek to learn more about the sensory nerves in autism. A very small biopsy from the leg will be taken from adults with moderate or severe autism over the age of 20. We will compare the results with those of individuals without autism. A very small surface sample of skin — less than 1/8 inch in size — from the leg. It is so small and surface that a stitch is not necessary. It will leave a small circular scar that is less than 1/8 of an inch.

Eligibility Criteria
• Participants should be 20 years of age or older
• Participants should have a confirmed diagnosis of autism and be on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum
• Participants should not have diabetes or any other neurological or skin condition

How to Enroll
1. Send an email to expressing your interest in the study.
2. Fill out the preliminary information forms at the following link:
3. Scan or fax a copy of the autism evaluation and diagnosis to or fax 503.715.4654.

Dr. Silva will review the information to determine whether eligibility criteria is met. She will inform you within a few days whether he/she has been accepted into the study. If accepted into the study, an informed consent form will need to be completed.(

Compensation: Participants will be compensated $500 after the completion of the biopsy.

Questions? If you have questions, you may contact the Principal Investigator of the study, Dr. Louisa Silva, at or 503.474.0218.

Funded by the Curry Stone Foundation and conducted by Western Oregon University’s (WOU’s) Teaching Research Institute. This study has been approved by WOU’s Institutional Review Board.

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